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Friday, June 12, 2015

Where the fuck have you been?!

Having my hopes and dreams train-fucked to death by MS-13 gangmembers would be the easy answer for whoever the fuck might still be reading this?

Meanwhile, to the utter delight of anyone who gives a shit about human happiness

America's law school applications just keep falling

Yes it's been over a year maybe since I've been on here--fuck you if you were disappointed my world is blood and fire--and you know what it's fucking amazing to have nothing to do with the law.  God bless Nando and the few left still keeping up the scamblogging, you know how much the patriarchy hates that shit.  Stay strong fellas.

For me retard lawyer has become an "also an" or "despite being" in the overall of my life.  Usually I only bust it out when some asshole is claiming something in a bar that is so fucking stupid their 6th grade social studies teacher should have pointed it out to them.  About half of my classmates have quit anything that remotely looks like "practicing law."

They may be on the periphery but the rest of us have joined the unwashed masses of non-lawyering to make ends meet in the world.  At least the smart ones have, some useless fucks went on to teach law without ever practicing because of fucking course (adjunct obviously hahaha).

So now 3+ years of my life and a small fortune later for what maybe on a good night amounts to a shitty bar trick.

If only someone would have fucking told me beforehand not to do it I could have saved myself a shit ton of trouble and suffering but suffering builds character maybe fuck who knows?

I had a 5 part series planned out at some point about winding down this blog, letting go of the idea of law/lawyering and moving the fuck on.

Guess what kids? I did it for realsies and hella fleek, but it's not something to share with others I've already overdone way too much of that already as Brian Tamanaha must feel regarding his whatever the fuck he calls his existence scholarship.  God I still can't stand that self-righteous asshole all this time later...Anyway.

There's a great scene in the musical version of law school if whatever law school is mattered movie Whiplash where the guy who's never had sex but loves to drum is kicked out of the super elite music school and gets on with his life.  #spoiler alert too late oh shit

He somehow gets roped into a trap by the guy that he got fired from his school for being a typical law dean psychopathic control freak and then miraculously plays the drums like that jackass from the movie Shine to show that the talent was always there without the prodding...maybe? I don't know fucking Hollywood doesn't know how to end a god damn movie anymore.


I've made the argument several times on here, like the insane character that I'm playing you fucking morons, that my generation was the first to realize that space camp is bullshit you just fucking die up there because people are terrible and terrible people put together make a terrible institution that does terrible things to the only people who aren't terrible. Life is terrible Les Miserables.

That's the big takeaway I have from law school and having lost my mid 20s to this bullshit.  My mid 30s I know better and that's the tragedy of the world and growing the fuck up.  There are 1 maybe 2 percent of people whose lives are an epic journey of discovery and self actualization, the rest of the world if they can afford it pretend it's them by watching movies and ingesting capitalism to buy shit they don't need media.

Do you really need a fucking north face jacket like they do on Everest to go downstairs to your mailbox to get the paper maybe people still fucking do that? who the fuck are you? Grandpa are you still alive? while you rub your tired ass balls itching your sweatpants at 6 in the morning.  No of course not, you're the adult version of a kid wearing a superman cape, now get to your cubical and check the spreadsheets you fat useless fuck.

And that's what it looks like your 30's are my dear Zero Lemmings--undoing and not recreating the same stupid shitty choices you made in your 20's that you'll probably never live down or dig yourself out from.

But as this is probably the last thing I will ever write on here for seriouses, there is also beauty and truth out there if you want it bad enough and can pay attention to it.

None of it comes from anywhere but yourself and maybe the 3 to 5 people if you're lucky enough to find them in your life that you love and that love you back unconditionally. 

Nothing else matters, not the pretension, the aspiration, the excuses, or jealousies that would drive someone to go to law school in the first place and especially not the self delusional, messiah---I'm here to help others and make a difference like the Jesus folks out there.

Go live simply and escape the trap.  Live long and prosper fuckers.

All of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.  See you on the flip side.

And holy shit what a maniacal rapist Bill Cosby allegedely turned out to be, he missed his calling at a law school.