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Thursday, November 29, 2012

New Numbers! The Rats Scramble!

Holy shitballs!!!  Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza and whatever the fuck Tom Cruise does all came early this year!!


1L attendance the lowest it's been in decades saving tens of thousands of young people's lives from ending up like this fellow poor bastard.


I consider this good news for one simple fact, there are now tens of thousands of young people who escaped the fate of so many of us.  What is better than going to law school? Fucking anything.  Literally anything would be a better idea.  

"What about doing nothing?  Surely something is better than nothing. Would you have me do nothing?," you say.

"Yes you magnificent bastard do nothing!  Nothing is fucking top tits!," is what I and anyone with a soul who doesn't directly profit from the status quo many others say.


Now how does the scam respond now that these facts come to life?  As one person notes if you were to spread out this loss across the board for all ABA accredited rape factories schools it's over a million dollar hit (I guess no more subsidized admin perks?).  That's a shit ton of money in the real world.  I wonder if this matters...How could I find out more?

I know let's ask an expert, learned lawyer with the highest integrity and nothing to lose...a shill for the scam...I mean a Dean.

*Pictured above, the typical law school Dean, and much like this devil they're totally ok with fucking kids (metaphorically of course, except when they get caught actually fucking kids in a sexual way...or in the case of this one just fantasizing about it).

Now we've gone and done it...we grabbed the tiger's tail and now they've sent in the best of the best.  The Seal Team Six of Scammers.  You've guessed it, they've brought out the Dean of Case Western Reserve.  Case Western Law, you know a school that every aspiring child who dreams of being the next Darrow attends because they know that educational brand will be the thing that molds them into the next great lawyer completely sucks (hint hint, they all do).  Jesus Christ, the New York Times really is going downhill if this guy can just publish whatever the hell he wants as an opinion editorial.  There's so many other useful things that could have been said in that space with that many readers...but now you give it to this jackass.

Photobucket Photobucket  

Oh wait, this basically sums up every law school profiteer and what should become the appropriate response. 

His argument is as valid as an obese toddler who demands a 4th helping of fried chicken from a retarded parent on a Dr Phil.

Does the dean make good points?  Persuasive arguments?  The corollary that law school insinuates in its structure and presentation is that their law school professors and deans are the "best" in the skill set.  For example, if you walked into a kids karate studio, the teacher should be able to kick the shit out of most students.  So is this what we get in persuasive argument from the Dean?

Not Matt beat me to it, if one bases his or her thinking on factual logic--then this guy is full of shit. 

How full of shit?  It even draws the ridicule of a mainstream website that doesn't really have anything to do with the legal industry (except when it points out how fucked recent grads are).  

When it's that bad, should I even do one of my typical take downs?  No not really.

Till Next Time!!! Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall!!!


  1. Funny how no one ever tells the Zero Lemmings that Darrow dropped out of Michigan Law and never got a law degree.

  2. They are still rolling in the cash. They have more money than they know what to do with. But, I am glad to see the numbers are going down, and not just the LSAT numbers.

  3. Anyone with an IQ above 60 - and with one ounce of integrity and honesty - can see through Cockroach Lawrence Mitchell's argument. The opening line made me laugh, i.e. "I'm a law dean and I'm proud."

    I'm sure there are serial child molesters who are proud of their "work," too. Should we take their pride as a sign that they are engaged in a good cause?

  4. Demo: I'm glad to see that you put Tamanaha in his place on OLSS today.

    I hope you can maybe make one more post on your assessment of the phenom known as Campos and Tamanaha, and their questionable motives for wanting to play the dual roles of both priest and penitent.