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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Angry Future Expatriates

Happy Graduation Season! Welcome to the Suck! 

It's funny but when I started this blog amongst many other scamblogs you would almost never see the kind of material, look down, in widely read or main stream publications.  Now everyone is waking up to the nightmare.   Well, except of course for Brian Tamanaha's blog--as he has posited on this very blog before he alone was the solely upright Laocoön warning all Zero Lemmings to be wary of Greeks bearing gifts...psst still a cryptonazi of moral failing--

It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.  Is there a point where humor turns to sadness then comes out the other side as humor again? 


For the accurate path of your future see the full comic

By the way, I used to think I was crazy, but there was an even more prophetic crazier blogger named Angry Future Expat, now defunct and likely fled the country, who warned of exactly this kind of future.  Angry Future was a small business owner that did the honorable thing and tried to keep his business going when the recession hit.  He had this strange affinity for what he had created himself and a dedication to his employees.  Employees not support staff, take note Dewey & LeBefucked.

Someone in this quasi-documentary should be a Tier 1 grad lawyer who lost his/her job to a bot using predictive coding, but that'd be too realistic.  Stuff that's too realistic always loses in the American market out to the fantasy, see Wyatt Earp v Tombstone, Deep Impact v Armageddon, et. al.  Why the hell do you think that higher ed can still keep going?  

Billions of dollars spent on a pipe dream sold by higher educational institutions who knew what they were doing - fine. 

Which has done more harm to my generation, Skechers butt shoes hocked by a Kardashian or Law School Professors, Deans, and Administrators?

Well...I guess you could go either way.

Till Next Time!!! I don't care what celebrity they bribe to come to your commencement, You're Still Fucked!!!


  1. Well, the name of the blog was Angry Future Expat....I guess the Future is Now.

  2. It's a brave new world. Even the military is running credit checks on enlistees. (The silver lining, in the proverbial bulging trash bag.)

    It would have been interesting to see corporate bagman/"judge" Melvin Schweitzer handle the Skechers "butt toning shoes" case. Remember how this piece of trash proclaimed that all college graduates are "sophisticated consumers," in his ruling to dismiss the NYL$ lawsuit? I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure that purchasing these shoes did cost anyone three years of their life plus $110K-$160K in non-dischargeable debt.

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  4. Interesting comic. It was hard to get through that, realizing that it's pretty much my future. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am in stage 5. Just hit 30 a few months ago too lol.