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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh Hi America, Glad You're Awake!!!

Jesus Tittyfucking Christ.  I take a break, turn around and shit gets real.  First off, long live Libya.

Secondly, now that Occupy Wall Street has been going on for a month it seems that no one who struggles to update their iPads really understands it.  But don't worry everyone!!!  Paul Campos, quasi-secret writer of Inside the Law School Scam and deadbeat loser of his generation, wrote an article about how Baby Boomers, like himself, don't really get the young persons today.  Meanwhile the dead cool kids, either beats or hippies or soldiers or blue collar folks, from Paul's high school class are rolling their eyes from beyond the grave at his smug stupidity.


In his article, which he either proposed to daily beast for fame or was solicited because it has no genuine content, Paul's opening gambit is this:

"Like many people my age, I have a high-paying and generally pleasant job, which features excellent benefits and a flexible work schedule. I’m also one of those people who, not long ago, would have dismissed the Occupy Wall Street protesters as just another bunch of spoiled kids, indulging in political street theater, while lacking any serious and constructive agenda."

Newsflash assclown Paul! Your cushy life is subsidized entirely by my generation, you motherfucker.  You didn't earn it.  You steal it every time you get on to blather about a topic no one gives a shit about but people my age are forced to sit through just to have a chance to scrape by an honest living.  

Oh wait, remember when a company or a person who actually does something on a daily basis to survive called you up, said that they're dealing with a difficult situation and you swept in like motherfucking Batman providing your expertise and mad skills?  Remember that Paul?!  When you fixed up a fucked up situation proving that you had something useful to contribute other than the prestige afforded by your dying profession?  Or even your half-hearted lamentations that one of your better students probably killed himself because you were too clueless and/or indifferent to help when you actually could have? Nope none of us remember that one either.


Campos admits, 

"I am, in other words, part of what could be called the Clueless Generation. The Clueless Generation is made up of middle-aged, professionally successful people, who grew up in a nation that featured a mostly thriving economy, low-cost higher education, and some minimal commitment to economic justice."

Congrats on you're 15 minutes of fame you coat-tailing cocksucker.  What you do is the equivalent of a pickpocket, who while explaining their life story and why they're forced into a life of crime continue to fucking rob some bystander.  YOU'RE JUST AS RESPONSIBLE AS THE SHEEP YOU'RE CHASTISING YOU HYPOCRITICAL FUCK!  YOU DON'T GET OCCUPY WALL STREET ANY MORE THAN YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!!!


He blathers on,

"A lot of us have also become insufferably smug and complacent. Over the past year I was lucky enough to be jolted out of my own smugness and complacency by a series of painful encounters with recent law-school graduates. I began to investigate the question of how many law graduates were getting jobs as lawyers, and discovered that a shocking percentage—more than half—were not."

Remember the scene in Titanic where the rich people watch everyone drown from the safety of their lifeboats and uttered little shocked gasps? Paul had the decency to do it in writing, also probably while covering his mouth with a hankie at the unpleasantness.  At least it's a change of pace from him sucking a dean's puckered asshole, perhaps even a change of flavor.

"My attempts to bring this economic and human crisis to the attention of the law-school world have been met mostly with denial and incomprehension. It seems the Clueless Generation is largely incapable of grasping that this is no ordinary downturn in the business cycle, but rather that America is no longer the same country in which we were so fortunate to come of age."

In the words of Louis CK I would happily suck 1,000 bloody, AIDS infected dicks just so I could get it and then fuck you to death.  

I'll give that bald fuck one thing, he's got some gall.  The kind of gall that makes Bernard Henri Levy, an asshole man who basically takes full credit for Libya's revolution, stop and think, "God damn I wish I could take credit for shit I had nothing to do with like that asshole."  If you read his article, and please don't because I don't want to give the fuck anymore views than absolutely necessary, literally every thought that he espouses as his own learned insight has been beaten to death by the scamblogs for years.  

Shit son, over a year ago I made a long winded discourse about how today's world is a replay of the Robber Baron/Gilded Age and how does Paul end his piece?  Motherfuck.  I'm not the first blogger to notice their shit popping up on more mainstream outlets, but then again we don't have a false image to maintain.

If Paul had a pair he'd either 
1) Quit his fucking job
2) Kill himself
3) Join OWS.  

To my eternal sadness, I don't see any of the above happening.  Thank fuck the Labor Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Antiwar Movement he mentions didn't rely on these kinds of assholes.

I mean really, if the Libyans could overthrow Gaddafi with Facebook after 40 years of iron fisted rule, you old vampire like cocksucking pieces of garbage should be worried.

Till Next Time!!! FUCK YOU OLD MAN!!! I DO WHAT I WANT!!!


  1. That's the way to do it, dude. Shoot all your allies first. THEN fight the war, all on your own. Worked for Gaddafi. I'm sure it'll work for the scam blog movement.

    Pretty successful strategy.

  2. Totally dude! Know what's even better? Knowing who is on your side. Guess who's not on the "scamblog" side?

    Campos you fucktard. He dabbled a little until he realized that his paycheck might be on the line so quite some time ago he switched to transparency which is useless.

  3. Ah yes, the Danton of our age.

  4. Stop linking your pos blog on Campos's blog

  5. I'm not linking it, didn't know it was being done and don't know who is doing it. I never comment anonymously.

  6. While I disagree with alienating Campos since he seems genuine, Demosthenes is 100% right that transparency is a worthless battle. They (ABA) and schools will NEVER comply. One has to look to further than the giant middle finger every school gave to Law School Transparency. Or the recent ABA decision to become LESS transparent. There is NO reason a school should't comply with LST, and this is especially true when law schools purport to represent justice and ethics.

    Criminals don't police themselves. Asking criminals to expose their misrepresentations is so incredibly naive and stupid.

    Every year a large percentage of new law students unwittingly sign themselves up for debt slavery for life. Do people honestly think a human being would risk debt slavery for a 50% chance at a job and one that doesn't pay more than $40 to $50K (If that?)

    The median salaries and employment percentages obscure this reality. People don't give law students enough credit. They are't making irrational decisions based on correct data. They are making rational decisions based on fraudulent and misleading statistics.

  7. Have to say this post is pretty spot on. Campos is just trying to co-opt the issue just enough so that when all of this blows up he can say, "see, I tried!" but not enough to really accomplish anything or jeopardize his paycheck.

    And yea, transparency is fucking useless.

  8. I agree with a lot of what you have to say. But, I want to win. I want student loan forgiveness. I want a large chunk of law schools to go out of business so they can stop flooding the market with more lawyers. I want everyone else to realize that we are failing because we were lied to- not because we have done anything wrong.

    And I think making our peace with the Paul Campos's of the world is going to give us a better chance of winning than if we do not.

  9. Ok so how do you propose the law schools go out of business? I think transparency would be a step toward this. More transparency = fewer people making stupid decisions.

    I don't actually believe they'll go out of business until the fed gov stops giving student loans to any idiot that wants one. But I believe more transparency will push congress toward doing something about this.

  10. As a non-lawyer but willing tax payer I'm for student loan forgiveness even after government reimbursement to the lender. But, if that should happen, would it be fair to ask the student to lose the degree as well, I mean, depending on the amount repaid?

    I'd feel like a chump to have someone walking around getting the prestige of being a lawyer from people who don't know about the law school scam whilst being let off the hook for their own, mislead but still bad investment.

    And before you say, "What prestige?" I've seen a lot of jerks pull in girls at the bars here in DC with that stupid, "I'm a lawyer/law student" line. ...Tools. ...Skanks.

  11. 1) Paul Campos is a sniveling fuck-douche who used the scamblog movement to try and gain some notoriety because he had no other gimmick going in the law school racket. He's one of several who has done it to further his or her own career/shill their shit. It's just sad to see a man of that age try it because his balls and mind lack any kind of vigor or creativity otherwise. His whole message is complete and utter bullshit and as soon as he was outed the little sliver of genuine muckracking/interesting angle he had to offer went right out the window when he realized his cash cow could be at risk. What he's "trying" to do to "help" reeks even more, didn't save that law student he kinda-sorta thinks maybe killed himself due to lack of options. That post and his take on it was horrifying in its moral indifference. I disagree with the idea that he's genuine. If he were truly genuine, then he would realize the moral imperative that the situation presents and his current role in perpetuating the kind of evil that's going on. The alternative means that he's too stupid/feckless/weak/intelligent to have lived this long. What I love even more is that his regular commenters are clearly the same type of quisling that would metaphorically kiss a professor's ass in every class and be overwhelmed at awe by the myth they've created in their own mind of the professor.

    2) There's too much money to be had in this game for the government or for the schools to stop or correct its current manifestation. Even if the schools were totally transparent, it wouldn't overcome the cognitive biases that are making the lemmings go in the first place. This is just madness.

    3) Really? You're losing out on getting girls at a bar in D.C. because you don't have the "lawyer" pickup line? I think you may be overlooking far greater problems that need addressing.

  12. In response to point 2: I don't NOT agree. Seems like a reasonable argument.

    To point 3: I didn't say I was losing out - just that I don't like seeing that sort of line working. But I'm a hater like that.

    And to point 1: I just started reading some of his blog but if what you say is true then I feel bad for giving him the benefit of the doubt.

  13. In the very begining (last August) Campos wrote to me and several of the other bloggers, saying: "Hi. I admire your work." With a link to his first post:

    That post had only 4 comments. Including one from Cryn Johannsen.

    Interesting to compare the tone and content of that first post to now on his blog.

  14. Paul Campos is a weasel. Here are some of the reasons why:

    (1) I remember that email from Campos, which JD Painter cited to above. He gained some attention due to riding the scam-bloggers' coattails. When he started gaining some notoriety, he acted as if he did not receive any help from the scamblogs.

    (2) He never added any of the scamblogs to his blogroll. I understand that he is a "professor" who cannot link to the angriest blogs. However, he did not even bother to thank or link to LSTB, All Education Matters, or Rose Colored Glasses. These sites have a more professional tone.

    (3) He is an academic egghead, who doesn't know much about the real world. (He started out lambasting the law schools, when he himself merely practiced law in Chicago for one year, before heading to the safe confines of academia.)

    (4) Evidently, Campos removed many of his first posts from his blog - when his anonymity was blown. (Maybe you shouldn't write, "Law professor at a top 50 law school, research institution, tenured, written on the topic before, etc." I knew within seconds that he was Paul Campos from the University of Colorado-Boulder.)

    (5) Jackass wanted to turn the scam-blog movement into a forum for transparency. Simply put, transparency will not work - and will never occur, if left up to the ABA. Would you trust the top 5,000 child molesters in America to police and punish the most vicious child molesters?!?! LST failed. The idiots politely asked the law schools to voluntarily comply with their request for accurate data. Initially, only Ave Marie Sewer of Law, a.k.a. the Domino's Pizza School of Law, agreed to supply such data. Later on, the pigs reneged. No schools furnished accurate informtation. (Hell, they don't do so for the complicit ABA, NALP or US News.)

    In the final analysis, Campos does not have the integrity, balls, brains, or backbone to go after the ABA. Nothing short of the ABA losing its accreditation powers will suffice. If the corrupt cockroaches in Congress took control of oversight of law schools, it would likely be an improvement over the current model - where the racketeering influenced and corrupt organization known as the American Bar Association nods and winks, while its member schools lie, cheat, steal and attempt to cover up their actions.

  15. If you are waiting for "transparency," remember this: The credit-card companies didn't begin to provide information like the amount of time it would take to pay off a balance at the minimum monthly payment until the government made them provide it. Almost no other industry has ever reformed itself without prodding (i.e., threats of sanctions, fines and imprisonment) from the Federal government. For Campos--or anyone else in his position--to call for "transparency" is disingenuous, at best.

    I was reserving judgment on him, as I myself am a newcomer to the world of scamblogs. But whether you're an infant or a centurion, shit still stinks.