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Sunday, September 4, 2011

No Surprise: Law Professors Have Ridiculously Cushy Jobs

Most of the time, when the mainstream press and websites talk about "good" jobs to give job hunters clues or tips on where to invest the next debt load in higher ed, they're full of shit. Every few weeks yahoo or some other site will still post stories citing paralegals and lawyers as having some of the highest paying, rewarding, or "best" jobs in the country.  

But look what I found.


In a story entitled The Highest Paying Jobs With The Most Time Off, look who occupies the lofty nest at the number 2 spot (judges and magistrates were only ranked at number 9 because they actually have to do even a modicum of work compared to a law professor).

As they explain up front, "The vast majority of high-paying jobs require a significant initial commitment in the form of education, training and tuition, and then hard work while on the job. Most high-paying jobs require significantly more hours on the job than the average American puts in. 24/7 Wall St. has identified nine jobs that pay well above the national median income, while requiring less working hours than average."


Of course, doctors are examples of the opposite. They must spend eight years in school and an average of five years in residency before they begin to earn their maximum salary. And even though doctors are paid better than most, the salary comes with one of the heaviest schedules. Surgeons, for instance, work an average of 2,835 hours per year — the equivalent of five more months over the 2,006 hours the average American works.

Coincidentally, lawyers and law professors love to have a pissing contest over egos with the medical profession.  I honestly think the institution long battle, which doctors almost always win, was at least on some level a driving factor behind the rise of medmal cases.

After reviewing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24/7 Wall St. identified jobs that pay the most for the least amount of work. Most of these positions still require a great deal of training, but once completed, the amount of work drops significantly.

#2       Law Teachers, Post-secondary
> Hours worked/year: 1,608
> Median hourly earnings: $82.85
> No. employed: 14,620
> Hours worked/week: 40.3
> Median annual income: $94,260
> Top annual income: $145,990
While the entire list could have just been comprised of different types of college professors, we listed only the highest-paying position. Law professors have a median income approaching $100,000, and have a top range of nearly $150,000. Becoming a law professor only requires a law degree, although many today also have a Master of Laws and even a PhD. The time spent seems well worth it. Besides the generous salary, the enjoy unique benefits, “including access to campus facilities, tuition waivers for dependents, housing and travel allowances, and paid leave for sabbaticals,” according to the BLS. Between these sabbaticals and the summer vacation, most professors work nearly 400 hours less than the average U.S. employee. Money Magazine and rated college professors at No.2 in their 2006 Best Jobs in America annual report.

Now you see why the Law Prof's Blog has led to so much criticism from his "learned" brethren and what Nando and others have talked about at much greater length than I.  If the Law School Scam is a form of modern day slavery as many seem to posit, then the Dean, Presidents, and Administrative "Professors" own the plantations but the Professors are the ones cracking the whips.  

The fewer people know or understand what is going on, the better it is for them.


Till Next Time!!! Get a Real Job You Sons of Bitches!!!


  1. If you can't find a job, I can understand your frustrations. But, this whole analysis is incomplete. First of all, it is extremely hard to become a law professor. Generally speaking, you have to have great academic record, a clerkship, significant experience, publications.....this market is the most competitive market in legal profession. Then, when you get one, it takes so much time to prepare for classes, to do research and so on. You can't just count working hours by actual teaching hours. And with respect to salary, who would go into law teaching if salaries were like high school teachers salaries. Nobody! If you got a law degree, figure out something...don't blame the whole world for your lack of ideas.

  2. 1) I have a job.
    2) It's not my analysis you assclown it's from another source as cited.
    3) See the blog entitled "Inside the Law School Scam" written by a law school professor who refutes about everything you assert about becoming and maintaining the position of a law professor.
    4) Go suck a bag of dicks.

  3. Demos, I love that retort to the mental midget/foul turd who posted on September 8, 2011 at 9:39 am.

    I suppose that this ass-clown feels that a "law professor" reading the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, articles, and perusing Volokh is engaging in "academic research" or work. My guess is that the comment was written by a "professor." Who else would defend these lazy pigs?!?!

    The fact is that these swine are not truly worth $200K per year. They are re-hashing the same material, year after year. They are not true academics; they are failed lawyers who go to the safe confines of academia. They are making MUCH more money than those with Ph.Ds who are teaching history, philosophy, biology, economics, etc. at the college level.

    It takes more years and actual, real academic research to earn a Ph.D. Also, how many JDs needed to defend their massive thesis to a critical academic committee or department chair - in order to earn their law degree?!?! Most law schools have 1-2 writing course requirements. In those classes, a 30-40 page term paper typically suffices. Yes, these are true academic heavyweights, right, 9:39 am?!?!

    Lastly, these "scholars" are not advancing society with any scientific or academic breakthroughs. Law is a system designed by the wealthy, to protect their financial assets, properties, and interests. Judges are bag-men for Industry and the wealthy. Law equals politics. These are political decisions. The pigs in black robes are politicians, as are the prosecutors. The defense lawyers are mouthpieces for typically guilty men, women, corporations, agencies and institutions. Their job is to throw enough crap on the wall, and hope that something sticks - so that their guilty clients can get off scot-free, or with a small fine or nominal sentence.

  4. What Nando says is very interesting.

    Medicine is not as closely related to politics as law is.

    And law and politics are a formula for corruption, given the right regime or circumstances etc.

  5. Law Professors are lazy pigs feeding at the trough of graduate misery. They are swine!

  6. "Law Professors are lazy pigs feeding at the trough of graduate misery. They are swine!"

    No they are the ruins of the scared kids they were 1-5-10-20 years ago, terrified about really having to argue legal cases in open court, so they lurched right back into the womb of academialand and became smug, brainless zombies either through imitation or that was always their true form.* I think a lot of them are beginning to suspect that the jig is up, and they will either have to do law, become parking lot attendents, or kill themselves.


    * Like the Invid on the old Robotech show; some may have looked human, but most were pink slug people.

  7. As I read the scam blogs, I am puzzled by the cost of a legal education. When I got my JD a generation ago, my tuition was under $3,000 a year. When I look at the cost of educating a high school student, I wonder why it costs an order of magnitude more to educate a law student.

    And WHY should law professors be paid more than high school students? Many high school teachers have advanced degrees, have actually developed teaching skills, have to put up with much more bad behavior and work longer hours. It seems that high school teachers actually contribute far more to society by helping children become good and productive citizens. Law school professors, on the other hand, just help churn out more worthless JDs.