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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You and Your Parents Are Retards

Speaking of academics trying to "study shit to understand shit," there comes this release out of Georgetown studying what the true "value" of a college degree is according to their research.  Here's a link to the whole webpage they devoted specifically to this study.


Now let's ignore the fact that this comes from the same institution whose traditionally prestigious law school was featured as having 1 in 3 be completely fucked in the ass unable to find legal employment.

Not surprisingly the Hoyas didn't turn that critical inquiry onto their own programs or graduate degrees.

Some of my favorites are this:

The top 10 majors with the highest median earnings are: Petroleum Engineer ($120,000); Pharmacy/pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration ($105,000); Mathematics and Computer Sciences ($98,000); Aerospace Engineering ($87,000); Chemical Engineering ($86,000); Electrical Engineering ($85,000); Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering ($82,000); Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Mining and Mineral Engineering (each with median earnings of $80,000).

Do you see Law right up there at the very top?....Oh wait...nevermind.


How about at the bottom of the heap?

The 10 majors with the lowest median earnings are: Counseling/Psychology ($29,000); Early Childhood Education ($36,000); Theology and Religious Vocations ($38,000); Human Services and Community Organizations ($38,000); Social Work ($39,000); Drama and Theater Arts, Studio Arts, Communication Disorders Sciences and Services, Visual and Performing Arts, and Health and Medical Preparatory Programs (each at $40,000).

So essentially, if your degree has anything even remotely related to the flourishing of the human spirit or helping people realize their full potential in terms of what it means to be a might as well go into porn because that's the only "human" element anyone gives a fuck about.

In today‟s challenging jobs economy, there are some fields with virtually no unemployment: Geological and Geophysical Engineering; Military Technologies; Pharmacology, and School Student Counseling. 

While majors with the highest unemployment rates are in the fields of: Social Psychology (16 percent); Nuclear Engineering (11 percent); and Educational Administration and Supervision (11 percent).


As the potential "good watering holes" for employment and earnings get out, you'll see more people flock to it which is a point I've made about pharmacists for some time as many see the future of that profession going the way of the law.

Well what about those sad useless fucks intrepid future zero lemmings who major in pre-law?   


Well I'm sure that the reason why law is in the lower-middle of the heap is because you need that JD, LLM & bar license to realize the full earning potential at the end of the path?!


Guess what the point of this and other scamblogs are?

Till Next Time!!! Watch out the Dept of Education Be Knocking Down Your Door For that Money!!!


  1. "In today‟s challenging jobs economy, there are some fields with virtually no unemployment: ... School Student Counseling. "

    Um... where do I apply?

    "Hi, kids. Um...drugs are bad, mmkay? And don't go to college if you can't afford it, mmkay?"

  2. So your strategy should be to blackmail anyone with a Petrochem degree? Interesting.

  3. But "higher education is the KEY to your future success," right?!?!

    I was driving home yesterday, and heard a clip where Obama said that "Those who want to work in blue collar jobs need to go to community college."

    Yeah, ass-hat. That is going to ensure that they earn an extra $500K over the course of their career, right?!

  4. Regarding your comment about the human spirit ... I'm not going to defend petroleum engineering or pharmacology or the others, but I take exception to your comment as it applies to mathematics.

    Mathematics is the one subject in the top ten (highest) earnings list which, in my opinion, furthers the human spirit. Gauss once said "Mathematics is the queen of the sciences and number theory is the queen of mathematics." Many of the greatest thinkers in history were known for their work in mathematics, and many famous results in mathematics have an intrinsic beauty to their logic which rivals that of the finest artwork elsewhere.

    A lack of understanding of mathematics among the general population is just as dangerous to civil society and cultural enlightenment as any of the other liberal arts. Many of the problems we face, including skyrocketing deficits and (yes) exploding student debt, can be traced in part to mathematical illiteracy (innumeracy?) among the general public.

  5. I will agree with you and should have made an express inclusion of Mathematics as one of the fields of study that relates to the bettering of humanity.

  6. Having said that, of course, many present-day applications of mathematics (such as derivatives trading) are thoroughly corrupt. My comments about mathematics as a positive force in society pertain only to "pure" branches of mathematics (which, sadly, don't pay as much ...)

  7. I would have done theology if I could do it over again. $38,000!