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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Would Be Funnier If It Weren't True

Fellow Federalist Society nerds who disagree with the cartoonist!! Assemble in the comments to eat out Scalia's &!@!$*& in sycophantic admiration!!!!

This is the same Supreme Court that is also led by a closeted homosexual with Aryanish test tube babies according to some a man who reads a poem every year by Samuel Johnson entitled "The Vanity of Human Wishes" because that's the kind of reading material you really want the literal figurehead of "justice" to read on ceremony.  Also Scalia refuses to ever ever discuss the Bush decision (fun reading in Toobin's The Nine, the Bush v Gore decision made Breyer Ice Cream cry for days).

Till Next Time!!! The Supreme Court is Fucking the Warren Court's Dead Corpses!!!


  1. I am glad to read about such instances. It further shows that these politicians in black robes are bag-men and bag-women for Industry.

    Remember that political decision in Bush v. Gore? The liberals voted for Gore, while the neocons voted for Bush. (So much for allowing the individual states to decide their own election laws, huh, "strict constructionist"/states rights advocate $calia!)

    Uncle Thomas's wife Virginia - an ugly white sow - was helping the HeriTTTage FoundaTTTion decide on the Bush transition team, in the midst of the controversy. For $ome rea$on, handkerchief-headed Clarence did not recuse himself from the vote.

    Back to Dog-face Antonin Gregory Scalia. This ass-clown voted for Bush, even though one of his sons was a lawyer for Bush.

    "Vice President Dick Cheney had to answer accusations over his involvement in the energy task force in court last year. It was later revealed that Cheney and Scalia had spent a few days duck hunting together at a private camp in southern Louisiana at the same time that Scalia was hearing Cheney's case, which brought Scalia's impartiality into question, leading to calls that he recuse himself from the case."

    And people still wonder why the pigs with lifetime appointments keep ruling that "campaign contributions = free speech."

  2. Both of you are forgetting that Scalia is a member of Opus Dei, and thus has to wear a metal suplice on his leg which jabs him if he walks too fast (!). He is also supposed to flog himself like the founder of Opus Dei if he has "sinful thoughts." I'd rather have Communists running the Supreme Court.

  3. Why can't people see justices for the politicians that they are? At best, they are mortal human beings with self-interest that must make difficult if subjective decisions involving a lot of grey area. The law is a social construct. Its practice is not science; 'Justices' are not searching for 'the truth'.

    Calling someone a 'Justice' and making them look austere in a black robe won't make them any less of an asshat.

  4. I get the message.

    In the USA, Corrupt Politics is in, and the Rule of Law is out.

    And, as a very wise old Political Science Professor repeated over and over when I was in College:

    "There is no merit in Politics"

    I am starting to suspect that we may no longer be a Nation of Laws, especially if the US Legal System is destroying it's own.