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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Useless Degree

Since BIDER showcased one for Law Schools, I thought I'd add this one about PhD's.

My favorite bits are right up front:

21% of retards kids are going on to grad school

58% have to be supported on some level by parents

440% increase in cost for the same degree in the past 25 years

Just under half drop out by 3rd year with no Degree


Notice what the woman at the Law Degree sign is wearing?
(**Hint - it's Starbucks apron implying that she is serving coffee not motions)


Mail back the acceptance form later this summer and that could be you too Zero Lemmings!!!

Till Next Time!!! Feed the Rich, Go to School Today!!!


  1. Love the Sarcasm, but the Graph makes a huge error up front. There are about 20 million college students in total, including undergrad, grad and Ph.D track. There are NOT 20 million Grad students enrolled today, not even close.

    Yes a Ph.D is too much time and not enough return. Economist nails the issue here:

    Yes, don't bother with a Ph.D unless you are really into being broke for the first half of your life, and in recovery of being broke for the second half.

    Worst thing, you are not in any state of academic freedom as a Ph.D. You must submit to your school and program politics to clear your way to the top, leaving you a shell of intellectual promise. Then if (and that's a big if) you become a made man and make tenure, it's a slow decline. Humanities Ph.D's when will you understand that the prior 12,000 thesis paper's on Hamlet are enough?

    It pains me to say that Lady GaGa is a better Humanities Ph.D candidate, and she never finished a Bachelor's

  2. It's a good infographic, but there was/is a website called "100 Reasons Not to Go to Graduate School" ( that still hasn't finished their list yet! It's not just the money, the 2 body problem, etc., but also the more basic stuff: being focused constantly for years at a crack, how hard it is to write academically, the endless timesuck that is being a TA, and the fact that there are no jobs in higher ed, and that if you do get one, you have to move miles from your home state. There are no happy endings in grad school now, but everybody's doing it to avoid the pit of despair that is the job market.

  3. 100k people for 16k openings? Wow - a field with seemingly worse odds than law.

    Not to mention that you have NO IDEA when you start the program how long it will take you personally. I think most bank of 5-6 years. But I know a guy who I had as a TA my first year in undergrad (2003) who is STILL writing his dissertation. And he had a master's before he even enrolled there. Guy's been in postgrad since 2000. How do you even justify that to family/spouses/etc.?

  4. Great page! Sadly, the people getting hired at Starbucks are the lucky ones too. Please check out my new scamblog at:

  5. Demos,

    This image is stark. My brother in law finished dental school, in South Florida. He apparently has something lined up in Wisconsin. His wife has a MA (History) from Brigham Young University. She is looking at getting a PhD. The woman is kind of smart, but has ZERO common sense. (For instance, I swear that my housecat uses more logic than this sister in law does.)

    As a couple, they already owe more than $300K in total student loan debt. They also have three kids, and have spent the better part of the last four years on Food Stamps. Now she wants to add more to the total?!?! Hell, she is now 34. But she keeps telling her parents, "As a tenured professor, you can work until you are 90."

    Apparently, the girl is unaware that many universities are cutting back on tenure. They want to increase profit margins. Also, how many unemployed History PhDs are in this country?! There truly is nothing exceptional about my sister in law. She has no connections, especially not in Wisconsin. Her “work” was published in an obscure academic journal, about 5 years ago. Yes, that will make the schools kick her door down, right?!?!

    She currently teaches 1-2 courses per semester at the University of Phoenix.

    Also, I had a former co-worker who is now enrolled in a Humanities PhD program at $yracu$e Univer$ity. She received no scholarship money, as her undergrad record was not all that impressive. However, her father is a wildly successful anesthesiologist. He ended up covering her tuition. All of his children are losers, for some reason. The one girl who stayed in the Mormon Church is the only one who has a somewhat normal life.

    Anyway, this former co-worker was an active meth user. She has been to treatment programs, to no avail. Her Facebook page and myspace accounts feature embarrassing photos, such as one where her mouth is over some guy’s crotch. (He was wearing boxer shorts, at least.) In another photo, she is "riding" another woman, from behind. The bitch has a rat tattoo on her left arm, and a naked fat woman on her right. Yet, this girl thinks that she can become a college professor?!?! (What kind of "professional" posts such garbage and makes pages open to everyone?)

    Welcome to the U.S., the land of the sheep and home of the delusional!


    Excuse me. The naked women tattoo is on her right arm, and the one with a rat riding a rocket/can that reads "GAS" is on her left.

    When my wife met her - for ten seconds - she said, "Nando, you are working with THAT?!"

  7. I was always told that if you were admitted to a program that didn't give you financial aid, they didn't really want you. This was for engineering or science. The more fun thing to watch was the attrition of English (or other literature) Ph.D. candidates at UVA. Roughly 75% wind up with a terminal degree, and most get no initial financial aid, not even an assistantship. The numbers are probably worse now.