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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Is Robert Morse at US News & World Report a Quasi-Rapist?

"The more corrupt the state, the more laws." ~ Publius Cornelius Tacitus

I don't know the answer to the following question so I present it to you,"Is Robert Morse at U.S. News & World Report a quasi-rapist?"

Why don't you, the educated reader, decide for yourself, here's a quote by him from the NYT article about how Law School is in reality a giant ponzi scheme in academic trappings:

Why is merit scholarship retention not part of the U.S. News data haul? “The main reason is that we haven’t thought about it,” said Robert Morse, who oversees the rankings. “It’s not a great answer, but it’s an honest answer.” 

Then Mr. Morse thought about it.
“This isn’t meant to be sarcastic,” he said, “but these students are going to law school and they need to learn to read the fine print.” 


That's your response to this?!  

Well if you don't want to get raped, you should learn to wear less revealing clothing, don't socialize at parties, etc.  I mean really just by being alive aren't you implicitly asking to be raped?

It's your fault.  I'm fairly certain this goes against everything I supposedly learned in law school. Everyone who went to law school gets the savage raping the financial gamble that it entails.  But the more and more you scratch the surface the less and less it seems like it has any redeemable qualities other than bold self assertions by those who profit from it.

You knew you were talking to a reporter and this is what you came up with?  Really?  Really?  Aren't you a lawyer?  Aren't you supposedly in charge of these other bloodsucking sacks...oh forget it.


Till Next Time!!! I've run out of metaphors for evil!!! I'm just sick of these sons of bitches!!!


  1. What "fine print" is this clown talking about?

    There's no section that tells you how many people you'll be competing against who also have scholarship offers, and there's no way of knowing this unless you canvas the entire section by awkwardly asking your peers if they're paying the sucker's price or not.

    The more Bob Morse talks, the less respect I have for him. "Fine print?" Bob, how about you actually think this stuff through.

  2. Robert Morse is a piece of garbage. The tool simply continues to ride the wave. After all, the cockroach is selling plenty of magazines to eager college and law students.

    If he had ANY integrity, one iota, Morse would stand up and state, "These rankings are pure nonsense. We pulled them out of our ass, under the guise of scientific research and data. The fact is even graduates from top 8 law schools cannot find legal jobs. Do you think you will have a shot in hell of landing such a position, coming out of the 141st ranked law school in the U.S.?"

    However, as I have illustrated several times, Robert Morse does not have a set of balls. Pussy Boy now refers to fourth tier trash cans as "unranked."