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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's Worse? Admitting Defeat or Accepting Victory?

"As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods, They kill us for their sport." ~ Duke of Gloucester, in Shakespeare's King Lear, who was blinded for his deeds


Well as is being reported by many of my fellow scambloggers, go see Jobless JD , a professor writing in The New Republic admits that the scambloggers have been speaking truth to power all along.  Of course, our contribution to the debate hasn't been explicitly mentioned in the legal world except for one weird law review article that missed the point and wrote about blogging the way a supreme court justice would write about pornography.

I've been blogging for almost exactly a year now whereas many of my compatriots have been doing it for slightly longer.  That's how long it took for the system to admit to the world what it is, which I think is actually pretty damn quick.


 As the New Republic points out:

When we take temporary employment into account, it appears that approximately 45 percent of 2010 graduates of this particular top-50 law school had real legal jobs nine months after graduation. And the overall number is likely lower, since it seems probable that the temporary employment figures for the graduates of almost any top 50 school would be better than the average outcome for the graduates of the 198 ABA-accredited law schools as a whole."

There are several more unaccredited schools to add to this heap that put out thousands more students every year.  Add to this the LLM students who may or may not be from this country, but may have to do an LLM to qualify for a state bar exam.  Also surprisingly, this came from a professor:

All of this suggests the extent to which prospective law students need more and better information. Of course, such information will make law school look like a far worse investment than it does at present. Still, if we assume that the point of academic work is to reveal the truth, rather than to engage in the defense of a professional cartel from which law professors benefit more than almost anyone else, then this work needs to be done.

No shit sherlock.  The scambloggers beat you to it a long time ago.

In my case, I knew it was a lost cause to go the mythical route described by the law school industrial complex.  Quite honestly, looking back, I really should have known to some extent.  I knew it wouldn't be easy but I didn't know it would be impossible.

I'd tell you what I do for a day job but that'd almost certainly reveal my secret non-superhero identity.  Almost every classmate I know is either working for the government (non-legal), a small to mid size law firm (personal/family connections), going solo, or has left the law field entirely to something completely or only tangentially related.  

The severity of that decision depends on how deep into the hole you went in.  For many of my classmates, they will never get out and they didn't realize that until they got their cap and gown (which I'm sure many have sold by now for the spare cash).


Till Next Time!!! Drop out Lemmings while there's still time!!!

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