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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Millenial Generation Jobs: Updated!

The following was a clever post from a place you may have heard referred to as reddit. Thought I'd share although I can't figure out why the law grad wouldn't be a barista...oh wait that's right no one wants to hire a JD to do anything other than drone through stacks of paper for pennies---also called doc review---in this economy also called the Lucky Ones.

Well there seems to be some disagreement over how accurate the "reality" of the law school section is and so I present the following:


And my favorite in inappropriate humor


Till Next Time!!! Watch out for horny lake sharks!!!


  1. Yeah, they are being too generous to the law grad.

  2. Hey, the GED is honest, and did not put a mountain of debt on their back. That dude is the happiest barrista knowing he can keep and save all the pennies he earns without having to pay back a student loan.

  3. What about those who went to Ivy League universities and are liberal arts majors?

    Art history major from Harvard = investment banker on Wall Street making six figures

    English major from Yale = management consultant at McKinsey

    Classical studies at Columbia = foreign service agent

    Honestly, this is WHY you go to an ELITE university. At any elite school, you can get away w/ majoring in basket weaving, but by virtue of your degree from an Ivy League university, there are plenty of six figure white collar professional jobs waiting for you.

    Liberal arts majors at TTTs (and by TTTs, I mean ALL non-elite universities, even half-decent schools) are the kiss of death.

    ONLY go to a non-elite university if you major in science or engineering. Otherwise, don't bother going to college AT ALL.

    Basically, this is what I tell high school students.

    If you get into an elite university, GO THERE and major in whatever the hell you want b/c you'll be guaranteed a good job.

    If you get into an average university, only go there if you can major in a difficult science or engineering related field. Otherwise, just simply go to vocational school.

  4. The law school "reality" pic should have shown the homeless guy.

  5. The long post by anon. is perfect.

  6. I love this page. Thank you for making me LOL. I am still laughing, in fact. You rule.

  7. Actually, I have to disagree slightly with anon (although I agree in basic substance re: TTT schools); you can't always get away with a worthless degree from an "elite" school, hence why many of them wind up in law school. So tell them to major in business, econ, or a science.

    I love that south park episode and was happy they played it last night.

  8. Service economy, the world is flat, drown government in a bathtub before it guarantees you with things like rights... I forgot my next line.

    Anyway, you're awesome. Thanks for posting. It's always depressing to check in here, but I always think you're right.

  9. Love the illustration, but you left out music majors.

    Seriously, has there ever been a time when these degrees were worth anything coming from a plebian school? A lot of them were earned by women who were really there for their M.R.S. The only thing that's changed is the cost.