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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A City With Stupid Children In It!!! Part Uno

"We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future." ~FDR, the first president whose mother made him wear a dress till he was really check that shit.

Hello readers, and I guess I should welcome the haters too.  But let's be honest, haters gonna hate no matter what I do.  So y'all can go suck a fresh bag of dicks instead of wasting my time with bad comments after reading this post.  As I was saying my last couple of posts have been kinda...oh I don't know...See below

Not that this blog is intended to be a ray of sunshine, although in my defense it's pretty cloudy outside nowadays  (that's called a metaphor assclowns I use them often, see if you can pick up on them).  The vast majority of my posts have focused on the lost generation of law students.  Some of my fellow scambloggers are taking a hiatus or have permanently quit the thankless biz.  I don't blame them because in all honesty, it's hard to stay positive in the unemployment office legal profession today (not that lawyers are an upbeat population in the first place).  It's especially hard to keep posting to their target audience, the dreaded Law Zombie or Zero Lemming as I call them.  Why? It barely makes a dent in the sea of upturned faces of stupidity who are sure they'll be different.

They're a lost generation in so many different ways.  However, why limit it purely to law students? I define the lost generation as more than those people who have graduated from higher ed between the years of let's say 2006 to every year henceforth.  I also consider anyone between the ages of under the age of 35 as lost* (*does not include portion of population whose "mommy & daddy" will take care of things for them or expatriates).  I'm talking about the people who are subject to and highly influenced by the system we call "society," "America," what have you.  Because one way to look at it, as many social scientists do, is that any society is just a highly complex dynamic system subject to a number of different factors.  The ultra-wealthy have largely either exited the system entirely, as we have for the first time in human history created an entire class of wealth that is transnational, or influenced it in a way to cause sub-optimization throughout (also known by less scientifically minded communities, i.e. lawyers, as the "tragedy of the commons).  *See recent data on income disparity in the US being the highest ever as well as the "wealth gap."  Now I'm not a raving leftist, Marxist lunatic--Marxism is only one theory and I would hope that everyone knows by now that it's a shitty philosophical basis for a society.  *See history of the world.

Back to the under 35 crowd.  I think we're called Gen Y, Millenials, or whatever some Thomas Friedman old fucking blowhard decides to dub us on the cover of a bullshit book they sell to other old people or talk to even older people about on the picture box.  Besides the general lack of a future, there's another common understanding that we all seemed to have reached.  We're fucked up, most of us are one some kind of medication, and our future is bleak.  But the next generation is really, really really fucked.  I blame you Teachers for America, yeah that's right I said it.  You're all just window dressing on a burning building (more on that later & how the program is horseshit, but then again so is the Peace Corps, the Army Corps of Engineers, and many others so don't feel too bad kiddies).

Now the mainstream media & major news outlets, ever desperate to push some bullshit that a foppish fuck will find interesting to read on an Apple product, are going to be following 2 narratives in regards to the youngins in the coming weeks and months.

First, we got teenage kids dropping like flies by suicide all over the place, especially the gay ones from being taunted.  Hell, even the bullies are offing themselves--see Ohio case--which is a new development to me.  Most of the bullies in my past schools are still around & they're still assholes...they just got humbled by life now that they're older and kinda pitiful.

I was going to do a post explaining how the law is utterly useless to deal with this specific problem & why that's the case.  I hate to sound callous...but I couldn't really care less about this issue.

Even though suicide & the academic research on it has always fascinated me, there's more pressing shit in the world than teen suicide for whatever reason.  I find it especially interesting that the suicide rate has been going bananas since the end of World War II in the developed world.  I'll say it again because I don't get to use it enough, bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  In fact, even in the U.S., the world's #1 in so many good things like % of population in prison, the rate has gone up dramatically in the past decade.  Now I attribute this to what Durkheim called anomie or the Hopi called Koyaanisqatsi.  Proof of this may be found below

Oh boo hoo white kids, your life is hard it makes you wanna quit.  You know what kids in the other parts of the world are doing?  They're fighting wars.  Go try to be one of those kids for a day & then come back to bitch about how hard you have with "bullies"...well actually if you were in their spot you'd probably just stand still in a line of fire.

For the record, I'm obviously being facetious...or am I?  ANYWAY...

The second story that the mainstream media is gonna be dis-semini-nimacating, and the one I'm going to write about, is about the so called "education crisis."  By education crisis, do the gray ones mean that there's "too much of a good thing" and that most people have no fucking business being in higher ed annnnnnd they've created a generation of debt slaves that will cripple the nation?  See Cryn's stuff @ Education Matters


It's all basically going to be a long winded complaint about the quality of the goods in the marketplace, i.e. these schools are rotten I say!  Why! Look here! You just dyed the spoiled school red to make it look like fresh school before you canned it!!! You son of a bitch!!! (Replace "school" with "meat" for the history of how the USA got one of its first forms of consumer protection).

One of the problems that have been plaguing schools for the past few decades is that society allowed education to become a public commodity.  It turned the whole learning process into an arms race rather than a sincere exchange of knowledge, an honest search for truth and meaning, or endowing the next generation with the capacity to make the world better than they received it.  Instead it's what the Germans call a clusterfuck.  Once the standardized tests got involved that pretty much spelled doom for real learning.

Now Jonathan Kozol & many others have been crying in the wilderness about school reform 4-evs.  Kozol specifically links the failure of modern schools with their funding (relates to property taxes).  Rich people either cluster around neighborhoods with the best school and drive the poor, usually black, families out by raising property values OR they just do it the old fashioned way and opt out of the system entirely by using the private school or boarding school option.  The best part about being that rich, is that you can afford to pay taxes for public school & still have money left over for outrageous private schools whose tuition can easily be the same as a year at college (like the ones I attended, uniforms and all).

Oh yeah, it's a well groomed white girl who would find herself in such surroundings, although the argument could be made the artist did this deliberately because your close minded brain would have ignored a more realistic image.

See there's this new movie coming out called "Waiting for Superman" from the same jackass that made An Inconvenient Truth which was a spaghetti plate against the wall argument about global warming (because apparently we can't learn anything as a culture anymore unless there's a movie about it).  Coincidentally, he comes from one of those families that has so much money education made no difference for him.  Also, this piece of shit Guggenheim went to Sidwell Friends.  For those of you readers unaware of this Harvard-like institution, it's a private school in D.C.

This motherfucker had the audacity to make this video:

Oh yeah, it was that teacher that made the difference in your life.  Not the fact that you were a Guggenheim or that the teacher was at Sidwell Friends.  I haven't seen this movie yet nor do I intend to see it.  I have a guess it's going to go something like this, "Gee let me pontificate on something I know literally nothing about from an ivory tower."

As a sidenote, you know who else goes to Sidwell Friends?  Those Obama girls.  Now here's something their dad said:

But here's something else he's said about education...

"Obama, 49, had made the comment in response to a woman who asked whether Malia and Sasha Obama "would get the same kind of education at a D.C. public school" that they are getting at the D.C. private school.

"I'll be blunt with you: The answer is no," the Washington Post quoted Obama as saying on NBC's Today show.

"Right now D.C. public schools are struggling, but they have made some important strides over the last several years to move in the direction of reform. There are some terrific individual schools in the D.C. system," he stated.

Oh ok.  I see what you did there.  You know I've heard commentary about Obama being a black Jimmy Carter.  If I were Jimmy Carter I'd be pissed, at least Jimmy was fucking consistent...feckless & naive...but consistent.

Sidwell Friends, part of the grounds yes just part of them pictured above, is a little over $31,000 dollars a year in tuition.  Yeah that's right, even if you're in the 5th grade it's the same as a year at most law schools in the country.  So for two kids to be educated at Sidwell Friends from K-12, you're looking at over half a million dollars before you even try for college and the now mandatory graduate degree to follow.

Now I'm pretty sure Obama did some back-peddling on this comment and chalked up the need for Sidwell because of his girls' above average intelligence...for reelz they are like fucking rocket scientists multiplied by brain surgeons with some Ramanujan thrown that they need really advanced basic algebra compared to others in their age cohort.  Seen that movie with John Travolta called Phenomenon?  They're like that...all the time...and they don't die prematurely like he did.

But what if you're a girl who's just as smart as Sasha or Malia & your family can't afford Sidwell Friends, you don't get a voucher for one of those schools, or you don't win the literal lottery to get into the fabled "charter" school?

Let's say you drop out and focus on working, do you really need the added insult of having failed your country on top of it?  Are you just fucked?  Can a good teacher "make the difference" for you?  Is it that simplistic?

Stay tuned for Part Dos!!! The problem with teachers, schools & edumacation!!! Till Next Time, Go read an actual book you dumb fuckers!!!