This blog is about living the American Dream at the dawn of the new millennium! I am a nameless, mid-20s, bottom 150 Law School Graduate who finds himself marginally attached and awash in a sea of overeducated but underpaid, indentured peers who feel, and were, duped by the promise of a better life through debt and modern chemistry. Let's get to the point. The Law School Industrial Complex is a scam that has destroyed a generation out of greed. Vendettas were once legal and the pursuit of one was seen not only as moral, but necessary. This newly minted lawyer is going to continue the practice. DON'T GO TO LAW SCHOOL YOU MORONS! Ce qui suit est ce qui reste!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All the Real Reasons Lemmings Go to Grad School

College Humor hits it on the head again...sadly this pretty much sums it up for 99.9% of the population whether you're a Master's Student, PhD, or Law Student.


  1. It's sad how accurate a portrayal of grad student life this video represents....eek!

  2. What is sad is that some lemmings believe it doesn't matter if there commode is ranked 173rd in the country. "I'm gonna work real hard and make it. I'll show you."

    Yeah, sure you will - and I'm going to show Jessica Alba how to bend her ankles behind her head tonight.

  3. That video is priceless. "I'm in a bluegrass band!" And the government's favorite line: "It's not unemployment if you pay tuition!"

  4. when your philosophy TA tells you not to go to grad school, I believe him.