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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lawyers, Guns & Money: Texas Edition

"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed." ~ Alexander Hamilton, shot to death in a duel

Just a quick post because this made me laugh out loud in my cage cubicle and I thought I'd share it (if you want to have a longer discussion on what law school did to my sense of humor and humanity, feel free to email as it will likely make me rofl!).  

As a member of the Federalist Society and a gun owner myself, which I look forward to using once society collapses in the next few years, I'm not making a political statement at all.  But about bad timing.  I'm sure that the Federalist Society will press on with the presentation (seriously someone let me know if that shit gets cancelled).

For those of you not in the know, on the same day the UT Law's Federalist Society was planning on having an intellectually stimulating and well thought out debate on arming the public, a 19 year old kid named Colton decided to go to the Austin campus library and light the place up before killing himself.

In no way should you draw a parallel to the "clueless" nature of the fishbowl known as law school and the larger legal profession (Legal profession could not be reached for comment as it is currently re-locating to the second world, see India). Regardless of this unfortunate incident, as I'm sure someone will either use that phrase or the word tragic, my Federalist Society's chapter presentations were always quite rational with topics ranging from gun rights, to gays are the devil and spoil children, why the federal government is evil in every way, and other prescient topics that I thought it would cover when I first joined (they made sure to collect the dues before I dropped out too).  For more data on how gun ownership directly causes a decrease in crime--see Iraq, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast and some spots in  Sub-Saharan Africa!  Kiss kiss bang bang y'all!

I could write a long, pithy insightful post about the many facets of this...but fuck it....picture's worth a thousand words.



  1. This lecture is the subject of a 300+ comment Fark thread.

  2. She will make a solid GOP vote in the next 10 years. Sadly, both major political parties blow camels in this nation.