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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HLS Law Grad Overdoses on Happy Pills - Dead at 44

"I didn’t think I was older until I went into an Abercrombie & Fitch and they looked at me like I was walking through a playground with my cock in my hand." ~ Greg Giraldo, very smart, very funny & tragically under-appreciated

"Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." ~ Ernest Hemingway, bought the gun he used to kill himself at an Abercrombie & Fitch before it was a gay nightclub

Yeah I bet you weren't expecting that...But consider this news as it relates to what you want out of your life, plucky Zero Lemmings and Current Prisoners of the Law School Industrial Complex (especially you lower tiers).

El Grego was actually a Harvard Law Alum back before the Great Purging of the Great Recession at BigLaw and went to work for the renown Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Fllom LLP (sounds a lot like Wolfram Hart from the tv show Angel no?).  Having literally made it to the very top of the legal world, he found himself wanting and changed careers.  Like a lot of other future suicides ex-attorneys he decided to try his hand at another career (see recent news articles about the same and also comedian Demetri Martin who got out after his first year of Law School--that's a smart one).  He also had what could easily be considered a successful career in comedy and it's a shame that he took his own life had an accidental overdose.

HLS grads dying at their own hand is nothing fact I'd be willing to bet it's as strong as a tradition there as the summer associateship.

Till Next Time!!! Duck and weave and watch out for accidentally ingesting a fatal dose of pills!!!!...That you have to consciously put in your mouth and swallow...accidentally...(seriously though RIP Greg).


  1. This post is in poor taste. Leaving aside the insensity of commenting on - as opposed to just reporting - someone's death the day it happened, the article you link to does not support either your express conclsion that he committed suicide or your implicit conclusion that his legal background led him to commit suicide.

    First, the article does not say, or even suggest, that he committed suicide. It does, however, expressly state that he has struggled with addictons for a long time. Is it really hard to believe, absent any credible evidence to suggest otherwise, that a person struggling with addiction acidentally overdosed?

    Second, your suggestion that he legal background or his Havard degree led him to take his own like is equally egregious. Again, there is absolutely nothing in the article you linked to to support this conclusion. It is pure conjecture on your part. Didn't they teach you that at law school?

    This post represents so much of what is wrong with the scam blogging movement, despite it's noble cause. Many of the scambloggers reek of immaturity, which this post illustrates. In addition, scambloggers try to equate every single problem with either law school or the legal profession. Guess what, some people overdose. It is incredibly sad, but is usually not related to the legal industry unless there is some evidence to suggest otherwise. Your post is equivalent to concluding that a person dying of lung cancer is somehow related to his legal education even though he smoked a pack a day for 25 years. Grow up.

  2. Eh...a bit tasteless. Greg Giraldo was an exceptionally talented comic who never got the recognition he deserved. Of course, all the face time he got on Comedy Central placed him in the top 99.99% of comedians, but his skill far exceeds the bigger stars who just appeal to the lowest common denominator (Larry the Cable Guy, Lisa Lampathecableguy).

    If you're going to make off-color jokes about a tragic and untimely death, you really have to come to the plate with much better material. Otherwise, it's just being a dick.

  3. In terms of my "insensity," I would point out the following:

    Gilbert Gottfried who knew him and worked with him for years had the compassion, tact, and caring to tweet about his death:

    "If Greg Giraldo is cremated, will that be the "Greg Giraldo Roast"?"

    TMZ says:

    We spoke to Gilbert about the tweet ... who told us he has problems expressing his emotions -- but noted, "Greg can't say anything about it now ... I'm not worried about him calling and complaining."


    In terms of it being related to the legal profession, I absolutely think it is relevant as I have often asked the question about whether people either considering law school and a legal career should also consider the overall happiness of their life. This is one example of where a legal profession did not lead to happiness (although one could argue that nothing did for him).

    I'm not going to go into examining a history of substance abuse or mental health of someone I've never met, even though the information is freely available on the internet, but will say I think it strains belief to say that he "accidentally" overdosed. I'm also sure that you haven't been this pained since Michael Jackson's death, but quite frankly I don't give a fuck what your emotional attachment was to someone you watched on TV or in a comedy club.

  4. Quite the response, Demos. People somehow become attached to celebrities they have seen on TV. It is wierd. And Heaven forbid you say something about a deceased person. Remember the time when I roasted Steven Krane's large carcass after the Biglaw pig died after eating a business lunch?

  5. Aww-- BL1Y is suddenly offended by "insensity."

  6. This is the poster of the first comment. Your response, giving that word a very liberal definition, is utter rubbish. No wonder you can't get a legal job.

    To state what should be obvious, I never once expressed any type of emotional attachment to this guy. Frankly, I have heard his name, but have never heard his work. Rather, I was simply making a comment that most people I know would agree with, i.e., it is in poor taste to speculate on the cause of death shortly after he has passed, particularly when you have no evidence. So your attempt to dismiss my point because it stems from some emotional attachment is a cute little strawman argument.

    Equally futile is your attempt to somehow show that his death, based on the article you linked to, has anything to with the legal profession. How do you know he wasn't happy as a lawyer? Just because he left ten profession doesn't mean he wasn't happy practicing law. Maybe he just felt like trying something new. People change careers all the time, and it does not necessarily mean they are unhappy. Further, even if we assume he was unhappy, you have provided nothing to suggest that his addiction or death was proximately caused by his dissatisfaction with the legal profession.

    In short, it is pure speculation on your part in a strained effort to connect a seemingly unrelated death to the scam blog movement. Again, no wonder you can't find a legal job with logic skills like that. Now go back to playing in your sandbox with Nando.

  7. Anonymous Assclown.

    1) Who says I don't have a legal job? Prove it; because I certainly won't give you any clues...lest I give away my anonymity (which would be fairly easy if I divulged specifics).

    2) "Poor taste to speculate on the cause of death." You know I'm glad you took the dick out of your mouth long enough to focus on typing that thought because you're absolutely right. Because no one speculated/wondered/ or questioned the cause of his one like fans, the media, friends, family, doctors/medical examiners, and any police officers who answered the initial 911 call...none of the above mentioned parties "speculated" on the cause of death. I am so off the reservation doing that one.

    3) As far as you making a comment that "most people would agree with," it might be one of the shittiest justifications for anything let alone your worthless comment. Said argument is also known as the "majority rules" or a "tyranny of the majority." The majority of people have believed, ascribed, or condoned the most destructive, vile ideas known to human history on a regular basis (i.e. go check out something called slavery or accrediting law schools).

    4) How do I know he wasn't happy as a lawyer? Oh I don't know besides the common sense fact that he quit doing it relatively quickly...that's usually a pretty good indicator. More proof of the recently deceased's view on his own legal career and the profession as a whole can be found on BLY1's most recent post of a decade old Esquire article with Greg (which basically proves he wasn't happy in the law).

    5) I never wrote nor did I positively assume the following conjecture:

    A) People who graduate from HLS & go through BigLaw are unhappy.
    B) Unhappy people die.
    C) Greg Giraldo died.

    That assumes causality not correlation. If anything people who go to law school are generally unhappy, let's not limit it specifically to HLS.

    Speaking of which you ass sniffing rodent, as far as the general mental health of people in law school and the legal profession as a whole see my previous posts, state bar lawyer assistance programs & to see some more fun "science" (which actually kinda shows the above conjecture to be true).

    In short, I neither strained myself nor did I make any grand assertions about how it relates to the "scam blog movement." You may now return to fingering your own asshole to pictures of Jon Benet Ramsey's autopsy photos while I enjoy myself in the sandbox.

    Go suck a bag of dicks,

    Demosthenes, Esq.

  8. I am revelling in the aftermath of Demosthenes's ass-whopping he dished out.

  9. To that I say simply...DAMN! Go Demosthenes!


    "[Giraldo] went on to earn a bachelor's degree from Columbia University and a law degree from Harvard Law School.[3]

    Before becoming a comedian Giraldo worked as a lawyer, spending less than a year as an associate for Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom [citation needed] before changing his occupation. Despite his prior career, Giraldo rejected that persona and very rarely discussed his days as a lawyer."

    He had sterling Ivy academic credentials, and yet, apparently worked for less than one year at Skadden Arps. Also, he rarely discussed his days as an attorney.

    That *might* lead one to think that he didn't enjoy Biglaw, wouldn't it?!?! It is possible that Giraldo REALLY wanted to become a comedian. (And he was a good talent.) However, he did not need to spend 7 years at Columbia and Harvard Law School to go into that line of work.

    Demos, thank you for handling that turd at September 30 at 10:28 pm. That was epic! I prefer to toss these turds out of my sandbox, as well. In fact, I line my box with my law degree from Third Tier Drake.