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Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Have a Dream: Life Without Lawyers

"Sweet is a legacy, and passing sweet The unexpected death of some old lady or gentleman of seventy years complete, Who've made 'us youth' wait too--too long already For an estate, or cash, or country seat." ~ George Gordon aka Lord Byron

Since the last time I posted dear readers, there have been quite a few developments.  It's actually been the longest break between posts since I started this blog, but I've got shit to do to try and survive and sometimes I just don't have the strength to deal with this shit on a regular basis.  Instead, I skip across the surface like a rock on a superfund pond because the kids can't go swimming in it anymore.

         First, the ABA should, based on Locke's suggestion, change their name to Always Be Accrediting.  They've already destroyed the "legal services" market by allowing too many schools to pump out way too many graduates for too many years.  However, just for good measure they want to beat the dead horse by accrediting law schools OUTSIDE OF THE US for the purposes of bar passage.  It's the most ridiculous shit I've ever heard.

     Second, the number one question I had when Ethan Haines announced its hunger strike was whether it was legitimate.  Guess what?  Ethan Haines turned out to be some useless shill who did the whole thing as a publicity stunt to try and sell a book about "how to succeed in law school."  As I commented on another blog, she's simply a traitor to the legitimate grievances aired by groups like Law School Transparency and the scambusters on blogs like this.  She's the law school equivalent of an askari soldier in east Africa working for the British empire or a jewish guard in the Nazi ghettos.

My favorite is that she's a self-declared international lawyer and went to Thomas Cooley....that's in Nebraska or something right?  A few questions I have for the "international lawyer" would be along the following lines: Parlez-vous fran├žais? Deutsch? Spent alot of time working in a civil law country? ANY OTHER COUNTRY? Do you currently live and work in an international city like NYC, DC, London, Paris, LA, Berlin, or anywhere but Nebraska or wherever the hell you are?   Answer to all of the above?...Highly doubtful.  Based on her logic, I can now start calling myself Iron Man just because I want to have his high tech suit of armor.  You know who else operates like that? The people in the padded rooms screaming I am Napoleon!

Getting a book about how to "make it in the law" from Zenovia Evans/Ethan Haines is the equivalent of hiring a pedophile for kindergarten teacher, getting a facial from a leper, or being poor white trash in Kansas and voting Republican.  That moron is the last person to give advice, but I certainly have some for her---

        Third, and most interesting to me, is the fact that the Great Recession is turning out to really be a poorly named combination of the historical Great Depression from the 1930s & the Long Depression from the 1870s.  Things are not improving and all of the stories I come across are that the current rate of unemployment may stay steady for a decade or more.  The birth rate has actually dropped in the US for the first time in a century, which is probably due to the recession.

In fact, it's so bad that some assclown out there is proposing that our society has managed to create a new stage of development dubbed "emerging adulthood."  It's so ridiculous I don't have the strength to really go into it but go check out Scammed Hard! for an excellent deconstruction of the bullshit story.

I will say that it's not surprising that people who are physically older in our society seem to be culturally/emotionally/psychologically younger than what used to be the norm, however I attribute this largely to a culture that infantilizes its subscribers.  For example, everyone in our culture idolizes youth, being young, and youth culture much more than they ever have before.  Also frightening to me is the sexualization of children, but for great coverage on how fucked up we are go check out this EPIC SOCIOLOGY BLOG and search the tags.

Now back to what I was saying, I have a dream--a life without lawyers But someone beat me to the punch...

Stay tuned as I go through what I agree with in this book & some of the flaws and shortcomings of this guy's vision and action plan!!!! (hint, the book got an endorsement from Newt Gingrich)


  1. Demos, your writing style is something else. Like you, I choose to portray gritty reality. I *could* post beautiful pictures from my camera, covering beautiful places I have visited, i.e. Yellowstone, Arches N.P., New York skyline just before sunset - from Brooklyn, Monmouth Caves, Palm Beach, the Florida Keys, that one beautiful chick whose name rhymes with Essica, etc.

    I could even post pictures of great friends, babies, kittens, wild animals in their natural habitat, etc. However, I would be doing a great disservice to the masses of future college and law students.

    Right now, the national student loan debt clock is approaching $850 billion in OUTSTANDING debt. Angel has posted this on her blog. I ran across it yesterday. I mentioned this at a party last night, and a guy who works for Sallie Mae mentioned that his company is trying to purchase up to $80 billion more of that debt!!

    So, this is why my blog has a negative attitude, akin to a 1950s film noir. My sister-in-law has a Master's degree and teaches one course a semester at University of Phoenix. She KNOWS about the scam, and has even mentioned our blogs to some of her students who are INTENT on going to law school. She visited recently, and told me that she finally sees why my blog is so negative in tone.

    Keep up the kick-ass work!

  2. Wow, Nando, seems you've traveled a lot. I guess when people ask me why I've never been anywhere I tell them I decided to go to law school so my life is over with and I will never be able to afford to buy a home, travel or do anything a supposedly "well-rounded" college grad should do and would've done back in the day. Oh well...

    These blogs are negative because there is nothing positive about law school attendance and the debt that comes along with it. That's the way it should be.