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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Experience Trumps Education - Updated

So, there's been a story circulating the internet sources about the most recent development in the BP Gulf Oil Spill that caught my eye.  Last week, I posted a lengthy discussion about my book recommendation, Shop Class As Soul Craft, and the importance of working with your hands.  In the book he defends the trades as a real world application of knowledge that leads, in some ways, to a better more fulfilling life.  Neither the book nor I want to idealize the trades as being something they aren't, but this story made me laugh to myself for some time.  Hopefully it pans out & the new cap holds.

Here's the story itself, entitled "Berkely prof: 'Mystery plumber' may have designed the new BP containment cap."

Pretty self explanatory.  However, I find it rather telling that when it happened all the news media, BP corporate, and our political representatives, especially the Obama administration, touted the expertise and experience on the case.  None of these assclowns, from the Nobel Laureate Dr Chu Chu Chu-seless, who became a talking point, to the squadrons of corporate engineers could create a fix.

Instead, it came from an everyday plumber, although I should note this is alleged as they're still trying to verify so who knows how long that may take.  In addition, the plumber didn't even want to be named.

Here's what happened:

"Six weeks ago, University of California, Berkeley, engineering professor Robert Bea received a late-night call from an anonymous plumber. According to Bea — who had formerly worked as an oil-industry executive before his present gig as an academically backed manager of engineering crises — the "mystery plumber" reached out to him because he had an idea for how to plug BP's busted well in the Gulf. The plumber provided Bea with sketches of a containment cap that upgraded some of the design flaws in the cap the oil company deployed in its unsuccessful bid to plug the leak several weeks ago.  Bea passed the plumber's sketches on to a contact at the Coast Guard, and to a panel of experts who were evaluating proposed schemes to repair the leak submitted by the general public. Jonsson writes that when Bea first got a glimpse of the containment cap that has stopped the flow of oil into the Gulf, he noticed striking similarities to the designs dreamed up by the plumber. "

Now, here's the kicker:
"The idea was using the top flange on the blowout preventer as an attachment point and then employing an internal seal against that flange surface," Bea told Jonsson. 

"You can kind of see how a plumber thinks this way. That's how they have to plumb homes for sewage."

Are you fucking kidding me?  This Berkeley Professor--- who had formerly worked as an oil-industry executive before his present gig as an academically backed manager of engineering crises--didn't come up with the idea.  Neither did the Nobel Laureates.  Neither did any of the other members of the "genius team" that BP & the Obama administration had put together.

Maybe if any of them actually did something with their lives instead of being cloistered in the their respective cocoons and join some of us in the real world this could have been solved weeks ago.   How many other problems that we're facing have similar solutions that aren't being implemented?  Makes you think huh?

Thanks Mario the Mystery Plumber for doing what no one with their multiple degrees, awards, professorships, and executive positions could do---help their fellow Americans in need and do something!!!

Nevermind, the cap is leaking. Probably building even more pressure in the seabed & making it harder to contain. Gulf's still fucked. As you were.

Till Next Time, Everybody do the Mario!!!


  1. Ode to the plumber! The best jobs are the ones not advertised or glamorized in the media. Those in blue collar professions are too busy to toot their own horn. They don't own the airwaves or dominate mass media.

    They put in their 8 hours (many times more) and then go home to enjoy a beer or time with family. It's those in the "elite" professions who like to tell society what's best for them, e.g. a college education.

  2. Yep, the grass is always greener...

    You guys have no idea, but I suppose that is typical nowadays.

    It's not too late...apply to get in all of the unions near you, there's always one of them taking on apprentices.

    How many union apps and civil service apps have all of you scambloggers filled out over the past few months?

    Stop crying and start doing.

  3. The unions and blue collar trades won't accept us! A JD overqualifies us for these positions! They won't take our apps seriously.

  4. To 9:24 am, why would these skilled trade unions take on someone who has pissed away 7+ years of their lives in higher education? Especially, when many of these people went to law school because they are NOT mechanically inclined? It would require too much patience and training to catch these guys and girls up to speed, i.e. even to get them to some level of competence.

    For instance, my wife and I recently spent several hours fixing a leak in our house. (I actually had to turn the water off again, and re-do some of the work I had done.) She has a Master's degree and I have a TTT law degree. That is a combined 13 years of higher education. I (and my bank account) decided that I would be better off fixing the leak myself, rather than paying some skilled tradesman $200 for 10 minutes of real work.

    Next time, let your brain think things through BEFORE you communicate stupid thoughts, 9:24.

  5. It's not that easy to get a union trade apprenticeship. It's as tough as getting into a good college, and once again, connections are a big help. We were all shell-shocked when an acquaintance of ours turned down the chance to do an HVAC apprenticeship that a good friend of mine hooked him up with -- the guy decided at the last minute he didn't want to do it and he's hurting now, can't find a job and is contemplating joining the military. Stupid!! I'm half-tempted to ask my HVAC friend if the apprenticeship is still open...although it probably isn't.