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Saturday, June 19, 2010

PRO-Law School aka Anti-Anti Law School Blogs

Here is my take on anyone who writes a pro-law school/anti-scamblogger site...especially anyone who hasn't even been to law school:

Some of these fucktards have written "critiques" about scambloggers like Nando, Scammed Hard, or JD Underdog, etc.  I won't dignify these ass clowns by mentioning their sites or giving them the Outside Lies Magic treatment because 1) it is way way too fucking easy to "destroy" them...and well...that's...that's...all I have to say about that...

*Above video is demonstrative of both 0Ls/Zero Lemmings & the legal profession as a whole.

Till Next Time! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I've been a fan of this blog for a while. I've started my own now. Hope everyone enjoys.

  2. Anyone taking advice on the legal profession from a witless 0L needs to have their head examined. You guys are doing good work getting the word out. Obviously, these shitbags are scared and need to defend their stupid decision to go to law school. One of these assholes had posted that he had a wife and two daughters. And then the pussy took it down. I guess he didn't want others to point out that he should suck it up and feed his kids.

  3. Aren't you all lemmings also then? Dumbasses...


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  5. Curt, have fun donning a paper cap for Hot Dog on a Stick, loser. Oh, and make that a medium lemonade.

  6. Hmn, I think Curt asks an important question in both a meaningful and intelligent way. Well done sir! I tip my hat to you.

    However, I would venture a retort, ass clown, to the harsh and biting comment above. I would distinguish the facts as follows:

    The majority of the Scambloggers all enrolled in law school between, let's say, 2000-2006. At that point in America's grand history, it was nearly impossible to find anyone, especially in any kind of medium that could be widely accessed by the public at large, who made similar critiques about Law School and Higher Education. Of all the people I consorted with or sought the counsel of, no one said think again (even though I had my own doubts). Certainly, with the material and numbers put out by law schools they've done a fantastic job shining up the luster of the shit they shill.

    The Great Recession had not hit back when I had first began--which only exacerbated the reality of the legal profession to a revealing level. As has been repeated by many financial commentators, when the low tide of a recession hits you see who was swimming without any suits on.

    But let's be clear, the law was heading this direction long before the Great Recession and that should not be blamed as the cause of the current situation. Just go look at JD Subprime's latest post, amongst many others, showing how the number of law schools created pumped out more and more graduates until, like a virus in the host body, it eventually overwhelms and destroys.

    Anyone considering law schools who comes across this blog without passing the test at the header of Nando's blog Third Tier Reality is, in your words Curt, truly a "dumbass" and deserving of the moniker "lemming."

    Curt I'd like to thank you for your helpful and warm comments here! In addition, please feel free to send me your full name so that I may one day have the honor of shitting on your grandparent's graves! Ta ta horse's ass!

  7. Actually, if you really did attend a law school, ANY law school, and were able to graduate, that says enough about the whole situation right there.

    "fucktard"..."way too easy to DESTROY them"..."ass clown"

    Perhaps a few little windows into why you are failing so far in life, even though you made it through law school? And again, you should be happy about this because it does illuminate what type of people are able to don that JD after their name.


  8. Curt! Dude! Epic comeback! Holy fucking shit! You seriously rock on so many levels! I mean really that was ten kinds of awesome!

    I love that you singled out fucktard, way too easy to destroy them, and ass clown but had no problem with me offering to shit on the graves of your relatives! You've framed it precisely Curtis! Those little windows of vulgarity must encapsulate my life and prospects, neither of which you know anything about! Triple word score on the logical arguments...have you considered going to law school? I think you could really do well there!

    BTW, JD isn't the only higher ed degree after my name! I'm in your system, degrading all kinds of degrees & professions! Suck it trebek!

  9. We're supposed to treat blog comments as if we're intelligently sparring back in forth in front of judge and jury now?

    Sorry if I was thrown off by the fucktard and ass clown misdirection.

    Seriously though, are you fourteen? Do your parents know you are typing swear words on the internets?