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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fordham Law Update: Oh! Look Who's Fucked Now!

So, a few posts ago, I deconstructed a promo video put out by Fordham Law School about the bright, shining future of their graduates.  Supposedly, this is the major difference between the ranking Tiers.  Sure, someone at a T3 or T4 might pay the same amount as a T1, well over $100K in non-dischargeable, overinflated mind shackles debt,  but as the Fordham video pointed out, all you need is one of their degrees and a pulse to guarantee your pick of the litter for careers!....NOT!!!!!

Here's the link to the full article:
Fordham 2L's talk about struggle for summer jobs

One of my favorite aspects of this piece is the fact that it takes place in a bar, also known as the lawyer's den.  Although some of my readers informed me that Fordham is apparently in NYC so I wonder how these students are managing to afford living in that hell hole...

"It's really weird, but no one talks about jobs," says one student. Another takes a sip of his questionable concoction of bourbon and iced tea, and adds: "When you're stressing for months, searching for something that probably won't even pay, you feel pathetic. I don't want to know if the guy next to me has a job."

Well, I hate to be harsh upon my higher ranked compatriot but I have some not surprising news to the vast majority of us with skin in the game (*see below)

The old rules of the game no longer apply.  And let's not kid ourselves you fucking first tier Fordham Reh-Tards (pronounced as they would in The Hangover).  You are playing one of the most costly games you possibly could have voluntarily joined.  Oh Fordham Lemming, you've been lied to your whole life and now that the rug has been pulled out from under you it's as if a mole has seen the sun for the first time.

These three students -- two men and a woman, all in their twenties -- say they kept up their end of the bargain: They put in the hours and earned the high grades. "You're like, okay, I've got those grades, I've got a good shot," says Nick. (A pseudonym -- the students asked not to be identified, fearing the effect their quotes might have on future employment.)

Last fall, in the weeks leading up to the interviews, the students say, they began to get a "sense of impending doom," as Brian puts it. Every day, it seemed, they got e-mails from Fordham saying this firm wasn't coming or that firm would be hiring only a handful of students. An atmosphere of desperation developed. "It's like, 'I'll babysit your kids, I'll pick up your laundry, whatever it takes, just give me a job,' " says Brian.

Huh...that's odd Brian.  You know I'd think I'd be pretty safe to say that's how your peers at all of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th tiers have felt for a long long time.  You or your classmates may even have met them and listened they expressed a similar sentiment.  But like a French nobleman passing a pauper on the street in the 1600s, you probably could barely mask your disdain...your disgust.  There were a multitude of reasons for their failure compared to your well earned success.  They should have worked harder on the LSAT, they should have studied harder in school, they should have gotten internships, they should have "Networked" (*See Fundamental Attribution Error). 

I wonder what that panic you're feeling would look like...

Karen and her two friends all landed some interviews with top firms during OCI -- and even a few callbacks -- but no one was offered a job. Karen managed to get a summer position with a small firm in New York during a later interview process. Nick will be taking a $9-an-hour research position, and Brian is taking an unpaid internship with a California public defender's office. 

Guess what kids?  I graduated well over a year ago and I still have a lot of unemployed classmates who would kill for even one of those unpaid internship spots.

At the end of the day I can't really blame or cast too many aspersions on these poor Fordham Lemmings.  They're just victims of the scam like the rest of us now...but you know I'm sure given the current economy Fordham and the other T1 schools will make sure to change their ways.  I'm sure they'll do everything they can to help ensure their graduates will get through this....

Until then...

Some of you may have noticed the increasing gaps between posts, well I've been going through a lot lately and I may be on my way out of this in more ways than one.

Till Next Time, know that we are young, And I know that you may love me, But I just can't be with you like this anymore, Alejandro!


  1. maintain an even strain, dude/dudette. Just let it ride. Pay the bills. Survive.

  2. This article just confirms, yet again: when that thin layer of varnish is stripped away, every school is a TTT!

  3. Seriously, think about leaving the country and Aunt Sallae. There is alot out there.

  4. Even Georgetown is apparently a TTT now. I'm sure the students at Fordham, Georgetown and the other top 30 have an actual shot, but it's not a great one anymore. The rest of us were always screwed, these guys are new to the party. Only a T5 is worth it nowadays.

  5. More people are starting to recognize the scam. We have helped prevent quite a few young people from pissing away their future, via these blogs. (Why do you think the law school shills hate these sites?) Keep up the fight, so that others can be better informed about the lying pigs at the top of this scheme.

  6. What amazes me is the total lack of remorse from Fordham and other law schools. They feel no pity for their own students, who can't land a job and are burdened by debt. Instead, they pretend everything is OK and indeed do their utmost to keep inflating salary statistics by offering their students "stipends" to work as unpaid interns...only up to 9 months after graduation, of course. I find it hilarious and typically misguided of Obama is going after the for-profit colleges and yet sticks his head in the sand when it comes to "nonprofits" - right - even though they are guilty of practically the same manipulative, fraudulent practices. There is near universal hatred of law schools now. Too bad Americans don't have the b@lls that the Egyptians or the British do, otherwise there would be f*cking rioting in the streets right now. Maybe it's because everyone thinks Obama is working for them when his actually working for WALL STREET a.k.a. Sallie Mae.

    "That's what you get for pretending the danger's not real...Meek and obedient you follow the leader...Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel...What a surprise!...A look of terminal shock in your eyes...Now things are really what they seem...No, this is not a bad dream."

  7. Wow, it has come down to this.

    There is ***no*** Top Tier anymore.

    In my day (circa 2000!) here in NYC, getting a JD from Fordham was like getting a Golden Ticket to Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory (the real one, not the one off the boardwalk in Atlantic City). Sweet imagery aside this was true.

    How far has it all fallen. Sad. Very Sad.

    Tuition + NYC COL @ 80k per annum x 3 (plus padding for 3-6-9 months of job searching) = FINANCIAL DESTRUCTION

    1. +10

      You are one funny dude and 101% correct.

      I am going to wager from your calculus mindset that you went the other route and got an MBA.

      I am here in NYC and, yes, like it or not, Fordham Law (who after doing a linked in search with it as a school shows that an almost overwhelming majority of its grads or current students attended elite undergrads: Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, Yale etc) was pre-recession employment juggernaut that could hold its own with any T14 in the NYC metro market.

      BUT: Recession is still here and as the above poster says, THERE ARE NO ELITE LAW SCHOOLS ANYMORE. IT IS OVER! REPEAT! THERE ARE NO ELITE LAW SCHOOLS! Go to med school or get a T5 MBA and hit wall street.

  8. Getting into a T1 or T14 school requires that we get AT LEAST 95th percentile.

    That is the equivalent of getting a 135 IQ assessment.

    Only those who hit the 95th percentile mark will enter schools that allows 1/3 to 1/2 of them to get the coveted BIGLAW jobs.

    The rest of us will be twisting in the wind with 250k worth of debt and nothing to show for it. This is what people are blow away about. The logic is the clear. The choice is madness.

    How many of us actually have a 135 IQ?!? The average IQ is ~85 in the US.

    Even if we get a bump (6 points or so) for a Special Status it still such a herculean effort to pull off. Let alone once you enter one of these genius factories, measuring up with the top 33% plus or minus that guarantees you that BIG LAW, 175K A YEAR JOB.

    How does this make any sense to us?!

  9. Fordham is an amazing law school, but the profession has been destroyed by over 200 aba schools flooding the market with only 24 percent of job openings for them. There is no top tier anymore indeed. Forget t14 or fordham being the invisible t15 etc. there is no top tier anymore. It is finished

  10. Your article confirms the only one truth in this economy. Yale or fail. Yale or just don't go period. Look at Nyu's numbers these days: there are an amazing amount of Nyu attys unemployed and running doc review. It's Yale or fail now.

  11. When a super solid nyc ls like Fordham Law School starts getting bandied about as not being a good school, you know that the legal profession has gone to total and utter Sh%t balls and that the definition of a good school has lost all its meaning. Good luck to ya.