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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Youtube - The Decimation Will Be Televised

I wasn't really planning on posting anything else because my heart can't take it & I have movies to watch for the 100th time, but I found video evidence of what's wrong with the people who go to law school and how we all may have gotten to this point.

Even though I have the time to do it, I don't feel like transcribing this but someone should because it's priceless. If anyone who has been through law school wants to have a good laugh, just listen to the opening gambit.

"When you dive into the law school material, you're getting right in there as if you're a lawyer. It's kind of like as if you were a med student and the first thing you did is you walk into the surgery room and the surgeon looked at you and said 'Hand me a scalpel' Just like that! you're gonna be diving right into the material and the meat of what it is to be a lawyer and there's no holds barred."

No asshole, not at all, what you "dive right into" is called reading. It has no proximate relationship to lawyering whatsoever. As I learned when I actually started doing it while in law school (at which point I stopped reading the casebooks, knowing if I ever got called on, gasp!, I'd just wing it and no one would give a shit). Also, I have a lot of friends and family that were med students, most of whom are just as miserable and debt ridden as the law grads, and do you have any idea how long it takes before they get near a scalpel? They play with corpses for a while, for no other real reason than to weed out the people who can't physically tolerate cutting people open and playing with the insides.

The best part of Jaime the Jackass is to compare how he looks above in his first bright eyed and bushy tailed video waxing fantastic about Law School to how he looks today:

NOW, just glancing at the preview pictures of both these videos reveal that he's clearly unhinged. I'm going to guess that he was in his first or second semester of his 1L year in the first video. So now he's probably in his 2L slump (A time in my life where I was going through a handle/1.75 liter bottle of alcohol every 3 days just to cope). Notice the deadening of the eyes/window to the soul, the lack of excitement in his voice. For just the low, low cost of 3 years of your youth & over a $100K you too can have your soul torn asunder and hastily patched together with cheap Chinese scotch tape!

You also can see that he's given up the attempt to appear groomed and has gone for the Lost cast member look.

The other thing?

His YouTube About Me:

Hello! My name is Jaime. I am a freedom-loving Christian who is fighting the New World Order that is coming to pass as predicted in the Bible.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Jesus bless you,


If that kind of coded language doesn't terrify you, I don't know what will. And to think 0L's, you could sign up to spend the next 3 years of your life in the same room as this guy 5 days a week!

What I predict his YouTube videos will look like by his 3L year:


  1. It's like an impending train wreck. You cannot avert your eyes. This is sad. And yes, law school is largely the reading and regurgitating of a bunch of archaic "principles", studying the Model Penal Code, and parsed cases.

    Because that's what actual attorneys do, right?! Why read the local rules of court, the relevant state statute, look at the facts of their particular case, interview witnesses (including the arresting officer), go over the trial information/indictment, local rules of evidence, and depose witnesses? I mean, reading Miranda 5 times is going to benefit an actual client more anyway, correct?!

    That was probably the saddest thing I observed in law school, i.e. seeing idealistic first years turn into corporate whores or lifeless zombies. I am glad you joined the movement. Keep posting, and maybe we can prevent more people - like the kid in this video - from getting fleeced by the law school industry.

  2. First time reader. I love it and I will link to you! I also have a Twitter page and you will be on my feed. Keep it up!