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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

*Sideshow, Harvard Law 3L Ruh-Roh

We interrupt our regularly scheduled scambusting blogging to bring you this latest piece of enlightened thinking from a member of quite possibly the most austere, prestigious institution on planet Earth---Harvard Law School, the same people that brought us the casebook teaching method that is currently strangling legal education across the country. And I quote:

This gal, yeah at first I thought it was a guy but's a lady sigh, is a 3L. Meaning two things. First, she had 3 years of "learning" at HLS to help her formulate and arrive at this argument. Second, she's about to graduate which means that she can start to really make an impact on the world! Click the link to read the whole think from Above the Law, which has also been picked up by Huffington Post and other members of the left leaning blogosphere.  Let the internet rage/hilarity ensue!

My favorite part is that the HLS 3L who wrote this apparently has a clerkship lined up (that I and many others could probably never ever have gotten). Congrats!

*P.S. Stay tuned for more scambusting and HLS admin's inevitable scrambling and gutless press release along the lines of "While we discourage the law student's expressed sentiments and the choice of words, we foster an environment that protect the cherished rights of freedom of speech and encourage lively debates on sensitive topics at our University."


HLS Dean Minnow, as in a type of schooling fish that follows the crowd like a what? oh that's right the lemmings, released her statement and I pretty much called it spot on when I first posted this (but that wasn't hard):

"This sad and unfortunate incident prompts both reflection and reassertion of important community principles and ideals. We seek to encourage freedom of expression, but freedom of speech should be accompanied by responsibility. This is a community dedicated to intellectual pursuit and social justice. The circulation of one student's comment does not reflect the views of the school or the overwhelming majority of the members of this community."

My favoritest thing ever is that the vagina endowed 3L that wrote the original email is on the HLS Law Review.  According to the value system of law culture, that means that she is pretty much in the ruling elite. It's the law school equivalent of landing on the moon, except that the people who have been on the moon actually did something useful. Also I propose a sociological experiment for her (see below):

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  1. Believe me, even if this gal lost her clerkship, she fits the Biglaw type to a tee. She will be hired in no time.