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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going to Law School & Magical Thinking, Canto I

My blog's title is actually taken from a book that you haven't read, I'll even forgive the fact that the author teaches at Harvard which is a whole nother topic, largely about perception a la John Bergen's Ways of Seeing. The way we perceive things becomes important because it affects our understanding and expectation. It is the current perception paradigm about the legal profession that keeps the truth locked in a trunk in the corner of a basement with a gagball in its mouth.

Magical thinking, according to Wikipedia, is "used to describe causal reasoning that accords unwarranted weight to correlation or coincidence."  It's usually applied to situations where science should provide the answer rather than quackery, i.e. Iranian clerics saying that earthquakes are caused by women exposing their skin with revealing clothing, but I am using the term in this case to show how perception bias can overwhelm rational thought.

Enter plucky LSAT taker. As has been widely reported, there was a record number of LSAT takers the last time it was offered. Now having grown up amongst the wealthy and connected, and I mean Fortune 500 wealthy, I think that the cohort in the number of LSAT takers who have guaranteed decent jobs once they finish law school because of their family/friends must be dwindling (because most of the new Aristocracy has already sent their kids off to law school). So that leaves the poor saps that still think the American Dream is alive and well, when all evidence points to the contrary.  The American dream goes something like this, education = job = higher social class than I have now (otherwise Kaplan University wouldn't take the chance to publish those awful tv commercials that make me want to go into a clock tower with a sniper rifle out of a sense of mercy).  To me, that is magical thinking. The problem is that Magical thinking is powerful...very powerful. But don't just apply it to our cultural myth, because it also works on a micro level, especially with the aspiring 0L.

0L's, if you do decide to employ magical thinking and go to law school despite the overwhelming evidence that some of the bloggers out there have sussed out, really live it up. Take that loan money and eat, drink, be merry. Tell hot girls at bars that you're in law school as a pickup line (fyi, your standards about what is "hot" or "attractive" both physically and personality wise will nosedive after spending 3 years in law school). Revel in waking up late in the day and having your "work day" be 1 to 2 hours of a living fossil babble on about something that makes absolutely no difference in your life, their life, or the world. Watch the Paper Chase and wish that you could still smoke during class as the Ktracts Prof talks about consideration. In fact, just forget about going to class, working hard, doing extracurriculars, or worrying about your class rank. None of it will make a difference, because if you want a vision of the future imagine a designer boot stomping on a human face...forever (and then twittering about it).

COMING UP! - Profiles in Idiocy: Real Conversations I've had with 0Ls/Laymen about Law School.

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