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Monday, April 26, 2010

Commenters on Pre-Law Websites

Over the weekend, I discovered the treasure trove of 'tarded trolls, mmn alliteration, that frequent websites like the prestiggggeeeeeous, emphasis added for dramatic effect, Law School Discussion (btw prestige originates from the Latin meaning conjuror's trick or illusion/blind, i.e. you're an idiot).

I just pray to whatever gods there may be, doubtful at this juncture, that whoever came up with that site didn't/isn't making money off of it (If they are, I hope you rot in the worst parts of Dante's hell, I tried to find a picture of someone getting raped by a wild boar that had the knife dildo from the movie Seven attached to it, but surprisingly that picture wasn't out there). Because as I skimmed through the topics, threads, and postings on it I realized that it's Exhibit A in the cultural debate about whether the internet is making people stupid.

I remember when I started law school back in the days of hope and promise, that we had a similar message board where people could post tips, ask questions about serious topics, seek advice from their peers, or even, Oh joy!, have early debates about some legal issues.  You know what happened to the really active, argumentative, inquisitive people on that message board?  They either failed out of school in the first year, important distinction rather than the wise choice of purposefully escaping/quitting!, or limped along as the worst "scholars" in our class barely being able to pass let alone the bar exam (how do you think that changed their job prospects once they did manage to graduate & went to an interview with their more charismatic/amiable/better at interviewing/law review peers?)

This is what it feels like to have a discussion with you people. Oh yeah I mean to use "you people," if you have a problem with that phraseology, STFU.

The above is how bat shit crazy you come across to most of the bloggers in this arena. I mean there's nothing intrinsically wrong with going through life like that. In fact, it may be commendable on a number of different levels. The problem for you Plucky 0L, is that the end result is really this:

Maybe you don't really get exactly how much $100,000 dollars plus the interest really is right now because it's beyond your ability to comprehend. Or maybe you're saying to yourself, "Hey the baby boomers are going to have to retire eventually, so jobs will eventually pop up." Valid point future esquire!

The problem with that? Besides, Legal Zoom & Former British Commonwealth Countries of the 2nd and 3rd world? Thanks to our intrepid ABA and State bar leadership, who continue to pound practitioners in this country with enlightened decisions like this one while opening the opportunity floodgates overseas, when the Baby Boomer Lawyers retire---their jobs are gone like the Dodo Bird & Passenger Pigeon (alliteration again! Suck it trebek!).

I think it's a reasonable request on my part that if you insist on the kind of stubbornness that would make a donkey blush in embarrassment, in light of the overwhelming quantitative and qualitative evidence out there, that you swear this oath before you take a "lawyer's pledge:"

I never really got why we used 1L, 2L, 3L as an abbreviation when it should have been 1Y, 2Y, 3Y (as in year) but you have all helped me understand.

L = Lemming.

But by all means, continue to ignore the cries of agony from the bottom of the cliff from those who already took the plunge. Oh! Mon pauvre con!


  1. Look at the tripe on TLS and LSD. When someone dares mention the economic realities of the industry, the lemmings jump on these concerned citizens. This is usually followed by the asisine administrators quickly banning these intrepid souls.

    Law school often ends up like the youtube video with the guy getting creamed by two cars - and surviving! Having $178,423.74 in non-dischargeable student debt is akin to living out the rest of one's existence drinking out of a straw.

  2. Nando once again you've hit it precisely.

    Although I have a lot of former classmates who I know would rather have been hit by the two cars than go through what they're dealing with now. It's something I'll touch on in future posts.

    Keep up your good work! Power concedes nothing without demand.